ASN Calls for Professionalization of Agriculture in Nigeria

Speakers at the just concluded 57th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria, have called on the Federal Government and other relevant stakeholders, to collaborate with it in the pursuit of frameworks to make agriculture a professional practice in the country. While making their presentations at plenary of the conference held at the Federal university of Lafia, Lafia Nasarawa State from 22nd to 27th of October, 2023, most of the participants shared worrying views on the state of agricultural practice in Nigeria.

In a communique emanating form the conference, the agricultural scientists made a strong case for the need to professionalize the practice of agriculture in Nigeria, so as to strengthen it, project farmers to optimum production and recognition, and further make agriculture attractive to the young generation.

For more, please download the communique document.


Publication Alert: The FULafia 2023 Conference Proceedings has been published!

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