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The Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN) is one one of the oldest agriculturally based societies established in 1962 by the pioneer staff of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The objects of the society among others are to foster the pursuit and understanding of both basic and applied agricultural science in Nigeria, to disseminate agricultural knowledge by various publications including a journal of agriculture, and the organization of agricultural shows, symposia, seminars, lectures, conferences, etc; to promote the interest of agricultural scientists, farmers and all those connected with the agriculture industry, and to be in close collaboration with societies having related objects both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Membership is drawn from all agricultural professionals from Faculties of Agriculture in the Universities, Colleges of Agriculture, Research Institutes, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, State Ministries of Agriculture and Agricultural Development Programmes.

The society holds annual conferences on rotatory basis which provides opportunity for peer review of oral paper/poster presentation and interaction on current trends in agriculture among major stake holders. Regular publications of the society include annual conference proceeding, Nigerian Agricultural Journal and newsletter. The society is governed by the National Executive Council with the president as the chairman.

Our Achievements

First Professional Body

The first professional body to be established and registered with CAC to provide platform for interaction among professionals in the field of agriculture and agriculture related disciplines.

Development of Agriculture

From its inception the ASN has always been in the front line, addressing challenges facing the growth and development of agriculture in Nigeria by involving and mobilizing most of its agricultural scholars, scientists.

Focused Theme Conferences

The themes of our annual conferences are as a rule focused on government and stakeholders’ strategies to tackle headlong the prevailing challenges facing agriculture in Nigeria, while our communiques of annual conferences always proffer solution and way forward to the prevailing problems facing agriculture in Nigeria.

Publication of Annual Journal

Our publications such as nigerian agricultural journal, Agricultural Society of Nigeria newsletter, etc. are always on point to disseminate ideas and knowledge that will better the lot of agricultural sector in nigeria, and update members and the general public on the latest information available in the activities of the society.

Agricultural Shows & Workshops

The ASN through organization of agricultural shows, workshops, symposia, lectures, seminars, etc., creates platforms for exchange and dissemination of knowledge that will increase agricultural production in the country.

Fostering Relationships

The society fosters symbiotic relationships with various agricultural faculties of universities as well as with the agro-based institutes, agencies, and departments of agriculture in the local government together with the state and federal ministries of agriculture for strategic and creative policies and plans that will advance the course of agriculture for national growth and prosperity.

Performing Regulatory Functions

Regulatory body for agriculture in Nigeria to ensure best practices for agricultural development towards enhanced productivity, good return to investment, facilitating export of agricultural commodities, creating employment along the commodities’ value chains, and improving the economy of the country.

Our Achievements in Numbers


Assisted Projects

500 +



Conferences, Workshops & Symposia

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